Mother's Day Puppy Card - Craft for Kids

Fun For Kids

Mother’s Day is almost here and we have a super cute way for you to show your Mom how much you love her. This fun craft will be extra special to her because it was made by Y-O-U! You can find a printable template on our Facebook page in the event titled “DIY Mother’s Day Puppy Card”. Feel free to print the template on card stock or colored paper. Either way, your Mom is going to absolutely love it!

What you'll need

To make this Mother’s Day you’ll just need a few supplies: 

  • Download and print out your template  here
  • Color pencils or crayons
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Construction paper
  • Any other supplies you want to fancy up your card (glitter, pom poms, etc.)

Getting Started

  1. If you printed your template on white paper, now is the time to grab your colors and get coloring. Be creative and make it your own!
  2. Next, you can begin cutting out your shapes from the template. If you need help with the scissors you can ask an adult! To keep things simple the template is labeled so you can keep track of what goes where when it is time to glue.
  3. Grab your glue stick and get ready to assemble your card! Start by laying the body down, next grab the belly (big heart) and glue it towards the bottom of the body. Be sure to leave enough space at the top for the puppy’s head. 
  4. You can also make a folded line about an inch from the top of the belly heart and glue only under the fold, so your mom can find a special note from you underneath! 
  5. Add glue to the bottom half of the puppy’s head and place it on the top of the body. Next, you can glue the arms down to the body and belly. The arms should look like they are holding the belly.
  6. Finally, you can glue the ears onto the puppy's face. Your card is finished! If you want to add anything special, you can do that now. Your Mom is going to feel so special thanks to your homemade card!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!


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