Origami Puppy Bookmark Tutorial

While school is coming to an end for the year, you should never stop reading! Summertime is often the best time to dive into a good book. But at some point you need to take a reading break and “OH NO!”, you need a bookmark! We’ve all been there. Well now you can keep track of your last read page with this adorable puppy bookmark!

Not only will this encourage reading but it keeps it fun! You can follow along on our Facebook live or read our instructions below to create your very own origami puppy bookmark!

What You'll Need

  • Construction Paper - any color you’d like (you can use any type of paper you have handy
  • Scissors - ask an adult for help
  • Glue Stick or Bottle
  • A Black & Pink Marker if you don’t have colored paper
  • A pencil

How To

First you need to decide how big you’d like your bookmark to be. For a bigger bookmark all you need to do is fold one corner to the opposite edge of the paper. When you unfold it you should have a perfect square. There should be some extra paper at the bottom of your square, go ahead and cut this off

    If you want a smaller bookmark we recommend measuring and tracing a 4 ½ x 4 ½ square on your paper, then cut it out. Once this is done, you’re ready to start folding.







    • Take your square and fold it in half so you have a triangle.

    • Now the flat part of the triangle should be facing you and the point should be facing away from you. Take the bottom right corner and fold it up so it meets the top corner or point. Take the left bottom corner and do the same thing. You should now have a diamond shape.

    •  Next, you’ll want to unfold your diamond so it is back in the shape of a triangle. Your triangle should have creases from where you folded it into a diamond. Take the top layer of your triangle and fold it so the corner touches the flat part of your triangle. Your bookmark should still look like a triangle, except the top layer of the point is folded down.

    • Now you can start by folding your bottom corners to the top just like you did to make a diamond. This time you are going to tuck the corner behind your folded down triangle. This should create a pocket in your triangle.

    • Now you can grab your scissors, ask an adult for help, and cut a little mouth out of the bottom of your triangle. If it helps, you can draw a “W” and cut along those lines.

    • Cut out 2 ears, a nose, and a tail. You can also add spots like we did if you'd like! You can use any color construction paper. After gluing these on you can take your markers and draw some eyes on your puppy. That’s it, you’re done!

    Did you love it? Make another! We’re sure you have plenty of books that could use a bookmark! We hope you enjoyed making this origami craft and that it makes reading time even more fun!