Puppy & Kitty Puppet - Craft for Kids

We are back with another fun activity for the kids to do during quarantine! You’ll need to print out our FREE Puppy and/or Kitty templates (see links below), some crayons or markers, a paper bag, and your creativity! Let's get started!

Gather Your Supplies

Craft Time!

  1. Now that you have your supplies ready, you can get started. We recommend coloring your puppet before you cut it out. This will fix any mistakes or if you color outside the lines.

  2. Once your puppet is colored to your perfection it is time to cut! Ask Mom or Dad for help with this part if you need it. Cut along the black lines and set aside for the next step.

  3. Now you can get your glue stick ready. Start by gluing your puppet friend's face to the flap. Glue one ear on each side of the face. Place the collar and name tag just under your friend's face. We’re almost done! Glue your friend's tummy and paws onto the blank space left on your paper bag.

  4. Now that your friend is complete, feel free to add any extra special touches. A glitter collar or a pom-pom tummy would be so much fun!

  5. That’s it, you’re done! We bet you did a great job and hope you had fun. Time for a puppet show or hang your friend in the window for your neighbors to see! Everyone would love to see your artwork.