Pop-Up Pup Father's Day Card

Pop-Up Pup Father's Day Card

We have another fun DIY card for you to make your dad feel extra special. You can make this card using supplies you already have at home! Ask an adult to print off the template below and let’s get started!

Print your template here: Father's Day Template

What You'll Need

  • Construction Paper
  • Printed Template
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Black Marker  
  • Crayons, Colored Pencils, Makers 


To start off this craft you can grab your art supplies and color in the puppy. Be creative. Will your puppy be green? Brown? Whatever you chose we know your dad will love it!


Next, you will need to cut out the template. Ask an adult if you need help using scissors. After everything has been cut out you can begin the next step. 


Take the rectangle, this will act as your puppy’s body. At one end, fold the paper back about 1 inch. This will be the front of your puppy. At the other end, fold the paper back about half an inch. This will be the back end of your puppy. 


Now that the body is folded you can glue on the legs. Glue each set of legs on each folded part of the body and then glue the tail to the side that has the shorter fold.

Next, you can glue the ears onto your puppy’s head. We recommend gluing them on the back of the head. 

The head can now be glued on top of the legs. Be sure that the head is glued onto the 1 inch folded side of the body, this will allow for more space. 

Fold your construction paper in half hamburger style. This is going to be our card.

Ask someone to help you hold the card upright. Glue the whole back end of your puppy in the middle of your card. You’ll want to do this right at the edge of the paper where it folds. 

Fold your puppy’s front feet just a little bit so he/she can stand. Glue the folded feet onto the opposite side of the card. 


You can add the Happy Father’s Day text bubble onto the card, or you can write your own personalized message with your black marker.

That’s it, your Father’s Day card is complete!

Your dad is going to love it! Great job!

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