The Benefits of Kelp to Your Dog's Health


Kelp and seaweed have the biggest variety of minerals and vitamins compared to any group of plants in the world. This is because they do not have a root system, they must absorb all nutrients from the ocean water through the plant tissue. Kelp is the largest plant in the seaweed family and it can provide your dog with some amazing benefits when added into his/her diet. 

Health Benefits 

Kelp is one of the richest sources of amino acids in the plant world. 25% of kelp is protein and 2% is fat, this means that kelp is extremely healthy for dogs and can provide them with many benefits. This sea vegetable is best known for its iodine contents, which supports and regulates the glandular system. Kelp is also a great supplement for skin allergies because it helps reduce itchy and inflamed skin. 

The high amounts of protein and amino acids help your dog's body repair tissue throughout the body. Kelp is also high in fiber which can benefit a dog with an upset digestion system. Kelp has even been proven to help with tartar buildup on dogs' teeth. This is because of a bacteria known as Bacillus lichenformis. This bacteria can be found on the surface of kelp and when it releases an enzyme, it eats away at the tartar buildup on the teeth. 

How To Feed Your Dog Kelp

If you choose to supplement kelp into your dog's diet there are a couple of different ways to do so. For starters, you can purchase a kelp supplement that will come in the form of a powder. This can be easily added to your dog's food. You can also feed your dog an all-natural gourmet meal made with kelp. 

Our Dehydrated Base Mixes come in a wheat-free option and a grain-free option. Both of these contain dried kelp and will provide your dog with all the great benefits of kelp, plus so many more. 

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