Loose-Leash Walking with Your Dog


We all want a pleasant walk from our end, all you need is for the leash to remain slack and for your dog to attend to you enough to turn with you and stop when you do. Loose-leash walking may be the hardest behavior to teach you and your dog.

Supplies You'll Need

  • Use the best collar for your dog
    • Flat buckle collar
    • Harness
    • Obedience chain (Also known as Slip Collar)
  • Have treats and or a toy
  • A shorter leash.

    Start Training

    When you start to train it would be helpful to be in an area that does not have a lot of distraction, like other dogs and people and it would also help if your dog is a little hungry and has exercised a little bit. A tired dog will find it easier to walk your pace and learn from you.You can have your dog on your left or right side, but it's more common to have your dog on your left side. You are going to need a lot of patiences during this. To help your dog succeed by giving treats as they keep the leash loose on the way to your goal.

    Four Simple Steps

    • Reward your dog when he/she is by your side for each step. a. Also change up the pace (walking to trot with your dog) and reward them if they keep the leash loose. Always mark on good behavior!
    • If your dog starts to pull, say “easy.”
      • If your dog returns the leash loose, reward them and tell them they are doing a great job.
    • “Oops” when he/she starts to pull hard. Then turn and go in another direction.
      • Reward when your dog returns to your side and stops pulling.
    • Keep on doing the step above. Also, giving them permission to go off sniff an object makes for a great reward too.

    Things to Remember:

    1. Teaching your dog to walk on a loose-leash will require a lot of treats. Use high-value treats like hotdogs, cheese, and Jerky treats.
    2. Teach your dog control before the walk starts. When putting on the leash make sure all 4 paws are on the floor until you put the leash on. Better yet, make them sit.
    3. It's very important to be consistent in a training session. If your dog sometimes gets what they wants by pulling, they will continue to pull while walking.

    Practice Makes Perfect.

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