Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Summer Tips

Summer is fast approaching and won’t be going away anytime soon. With humid air and a blazing sun, it’s important to keep our dogs safe during this season. It will only start to get hotter from here on out and we have some great tips to help keep your pup happy and healthy. These tips can be lifesaving so be sure to share them with a friend or two!

Car Safety 

Summer car safety is by far one of the most important safety tips anyone can give a dog owner. We’ve all seen dogs that have been left in cars while the owner is inside a store or maybe even a restaurant. People do this all year round but the summer months are the most deadly. Let’s say the outside temperature is 75 degrees, you decide to crack the windows and run into a store while your dog is in the car. In just 10 minutes the temperature in your car is now 94 degrees. This temperature will continue to rise every minute your dog is alone. There is very little to absolutely no difference between rising temperatures in a car with cracked windows versus a car with closed windows. 

In a matter of minutes, your dog can suffer a heat stroke which unfortunately is the cause of death to many dogs in the summer. Unless you have someone who can sit with your dog in the air-conditioned car, it’s better to leave him/her at home. If you know you cannot bring your pet into a business or restaurant don’t bring them along, it could save their life! 

If you do see a dog left alone in a hot car, take immediate action. Try to locate the owner as quickly as possible and even call the police if you can’t find the owner. It is illegal to leave your dog unattended in a car in many states. Make a difference and save a life!

Water, Water, Water

Whether you are going to a long walk, a hike, or a trip to your local beach, it is very important to make sure your dog has access to plenty of freshwater. Carry a nice big insulated water bottle and a travel bowl with you to make it extra easy to give you dog water wherever you may be. 

Signs of Overheating

If you see your dog or another dog with any of these symptoms, get help immediately. 
  • Heavy Panting   
  • Dry Gums 
  • Wobbly Legs 
  • Thick, Excessive Drool 
  • Vomiting

Summer Walks 

This time of the year everyone wants to spend time outside, including your dog. You may be taking more walks throughout the day but there is a big safety precaution to keep in mind. Asphalt and cement heat up extremely fast under the summer sun and can burn your dog’s paws. Hot paws can also lead to an increase in body temperature which is not safe for our furry friends.

We recommend testing out the 5-second rule with your hand before going out for a walk. Place the palm of your hand on the sidewalk or the road. If you have to pull your hand away before the 5 seconds are up, it’s too hot for a walk. The best time to go for walks in the summer is early in the morning or later at night. Try to get a walk-in before leaving for work in the morning or just after eating dinner. Our dogs are on their paws all day, we need to help protect them. 

Summer doesn’t have to be scary for dog owners. Just keep these tips in the back of your mind and you’re already on your way to having a great summer!

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