Customer Testimonial: Jessica and Luna

Customer Testimonial: Jessica and Luna

Hello! This is Luna!

Luna is an energetic Shepherd mix and she is going to be 1 year old in January 2020! 

I am Jessica! (Luna's Human) 

I recently had the opportunity to try out The Pet Gourmet's Dehydrated dog food and needless to say......

We LOVE it!

Ok so you are probably thinking "Yeah love it but WHY?" Well, stay with me now...

So picture this. You have two bowls of food in front of you. 

One is an all brown food made of "everything" that is supposed to be in your diet. It has been turned into a powder, mashed together and extruded into a brown pebble and dried to all heck. It looks like this!

Are you hungry yet? 

I didn't think so....

The second option is a bowl of easily recognizable ingredients that just scream "NUTRITION!"  You can see the real chicken, the carrots, the sweet potato, dried celery, dried broccoli, dried banana chips, dried kelp, and dried apples! (and the list goes on)

No seriously! You can see it!



Is there even a question of which one of these options you would choose for yourself? Of course not! 

So when I got this food home I was a little sad for Luna. Only because she would have to wait for 10 minutes while the hot water was added to these wonderful healthy ingredients just like a human has to wait for food to cook. And once the water goes in, it plumps up all the dried ingredients and even smells genuinely good! 

And she went nuts!

Now, every time I make her The Pet Gourmet Food she makes noises I didn't know a dog could make. So while we wait for the 10 minutes, my daughter and I laugh because she is hilariously impatient. And it's adorable! 

But the best part is that I know when she eats this food she is getting better nutrition than I even thought was possible for a dog. Who knew there were dog food options outside of a little brown pebble? Now I know. And now I am a proud customer of The Pet Gourmet. And Luna is a very loud and proud customer.

So, if you are thinking about buying this food I highly encourage it! I'd tell you what Luna says about it but I can't even begin to translate it into words. 


Jessica & Luna S.

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