How to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Dog

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While the holidays may be exciting and fun for us humans, it can be very stressful for our dogs. The house may be filled with new people, new smells, and loud noises. If your dog isn’t used to all the commotion, they may stress out easily. There are a few guidelines to follow to make sure your dog stays comfortable during the holidays. 

What Dogs Shouldn't be Included in Holiday Parties? 

  • Shy Dogs 
  • Aggressive Dogs 
  • Dogs That Dislike Loud Noises 
  • Untrained Dogs 

How to Prepare Your Dog for Guests

If you aren’t sure how your dog will react to guests, try taking him for a walk around the neighborhood or to the pet shop. This will help you to see if your dog gets stressed out in environments with strangers. Another great tip to think about is whether your dog is trained or not. Basic manners, such as sit and stay, can come in handy when having guests over. It’s never too late to work with your dog a few minutes every day to accomplish your training goals. Many of the guests will want to pet your dog and give him lots of attention, make sure he is comfortable getting pet by others. 

If children aren’t normally in your house, there probably will be during the holidays. The most important thing to prepare your dog for is children. They often don’t know when they are making a dog uncomfortable, and this could result in your dog biting a child. To avoid this risk, try bringing your dog around children with caution to see how he reacts. 

How to Make Your Dog Comfortable 

The number one thing to remember during the holidays is that a comfortable dog is a happy dog. If you have to question if your dog will be stressed with all the holiday guests, it’s probably a good idea to leave them out. Setting up their crate in a bedroom or bathroom with a door is the best option. Your dog will be more comfortable being away from all the commotion. 

Make sure your dog has plenty to do while the holiday festivities are going on. Toys and chews will keep your dog occupied and happy. It is also important to let your dog get his exercise. Dogs can keep a lot of energy balled up inside, and it’s helpful to let them release that energy. This will make your dog more inclined to take a nap or rest quietly in the comfortable room you’ve set up.

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