The Benefits of Elk Antlers for Dogs

Calming Aid

Elk antlers are beneficial to dogs for a number of reasons. Elk antlers are full of nutrients and can be a great, long-lasting chew for dogs. They serve as a treat toy/chew to keep your dog busy while they're home alone or bored and need something to do to use up their pent-up energy.

Here at The Pet Gourmet, we sell antlers that are locally sourced from Walworth, WI. These antlers have no traces of chemicals, preservatives, or plastic making them 100% safe for your dog!


These locally sourced antlers are cruelty-free and tasty! Every spring the elk naturally shed their antlers that they have been growing for a year. The antlers are then picked up off the ground and cut or split for your dog's enjoyment. The elk are in no pain when they shed their antlers, they even start growing their next set right away.

Fun Fact: Male elk are the only elk that grow antlers and they grow bigger every year!


Your dog's main goal while chewing an antler should be getting to the middle where the marrow is. As your dog chews away at the antler he will be receiving plenty of nutrients to benefit his body. These nutrients include:

  • Glucosamine
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
  • Zinc

The natural glucosamine found in elk antlers works to safely improve joint pain and function. Antlers give off an anti-inflammatory effect and can help aid in a good quality of life for dogs of all ages.

What Size Elk Antler Do I Need For My Dog?

It is super important to purchase the right size antler for your dog. If the antler is too small, it may be a choking hazard for dogs who like to swallow their chews. Thankfully we have an easy way to help determine the perfect size antler for your dog:

Antler Size Dog Weight
Small 0-10 pounds
Medium 15-30 pounds
Large 30-45 pounds

Are Split or Whole Elk Antlers Better?

At The Pet Gourmet you will find antlers in two different forms, split and whole. We are here to help you decide which type is best suited for your dog!

Whole antlers are perfect for heavy chewers who seem to chew through everything. Common breeds who love whole antlers are german shepherds, golden retrievers, pit bulls, boxers, and anything similar. You can order these online at

Split antlers work best for easy-going chewers or average chewers. With split antlers, the marrow is exposed so it is easy for the dog to reach. This type of antler is great for puppies and older dogs. Split antlers can be purchased online at

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