Preventing Separation Anxiety Post-Quarantine

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During Covid-19 many people around the world found themselves working from home. In the beginning, this might have sounded great, you get to spend every second of the day with your furry friend. Now that many states are lifting their stay at home orders, you may be returning to work. So what does this mean for our pets? Less time with us and a possibility for separation anxiety. It is important to start adjusting them to the new routine as soon as possible. With a few simple tips, you can prepare your dog for life after quarantine.

Provide Independence

A huge first step that should be taken is providing your dog with some independence. This will reteach your dog how to entertain himself/herself while you are not with them. Give him/her a puzzle toy or a treat stuffed toy to help them enjoy their independence. Maybe you have a Zoom meeting or need to make lunch for the kids, take this opportunity for your dog to have some independent time. This doesn’t need to be an hour-long ordeal, even just 15 minutes a day will help your dog slowly adjust.

Crate Training

For many dogs, their crate is a safe place for them to escape to. During the stay at home order, your dog probably hasn’t spent much time in his/her crate. Now is the time to start using the crate more. If you have essential errands to run, put your dog in the crate to see how he/she reacts while you are away. If running errands is too long for your dog, try just a few minutes a day. This could be while you shower, make breakfast, or while you clean the house. Starting off with short periods of time will help your dog become comfortable being left alone in the crate again.

Increased Exercise

Exercise and playtime has been proven to help decrease anxiety and boredom. This could be many different types of exercise depending on your dog. Try taking an extra walk during the day or throwing your dog's favorite ball around the yard. If your dog needs some extra brain exercise try using puzzle toys and treat stuffers. Giving your dog extra exercise is going to make a difference in the transition back to normal life.

Products For Anxiety

Our Calming Aid Essential Oil Spray is great for dogs who are experiencing anxiety during this time. Made with all-natural lavender oil, this spray can soothe and calm your dog while creating, thunderstorms, travel, and much more. This spray can be applied to your dog's chest and the back of his/her ears. It can also be applied to dog beds or car seats.

Our Calming Health Support Treats are another great option for dogs who are struggling with separation anxiety. They are made in the USA with chamomile, valerian root, and passionflower. These treats work to calm your dog naturally and safely.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

Keep an eye out for these signs when transitioning with your dog:

  • Barking or whining for long periods of time when you leave the house
  • Destructive behavior when left alone
  • Change in appetite
  • Pacing in crate or room

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