Craft for Kids - Footprint Puppy

Are you ready to paint with your feet? Yes, we said FEET! Sounds fun right? It totally is!

So let's get prepped and ready for our latest craft, a Footprint Puppy!

You will need:
Finger Paints
Paint Brushes -small, medium, and large
Some Paper Towels
And a foot -preferably a clean one ;)


Make sure you are in an area that will be easily cleaned if you splatter a little paint and pleas ask an adult for permission before you play with paints! 

Start by picking a color and painting the entire bottom of your foot! Beware: It feels funny and might make you giggle! 


Then place your foot evenly onto a piece of paper and press each part of your foot firmly down. Don't miss the toes!

Once you are sure you have a nice full print, hold the paper down onto the floor and pull your foot straight up so you don't smudge the print. 


At this point, we suggest wiping your foot off with the paper towels and giving it a mini foot bath to remove any leftover paint. This will give your print a few minutes to dry as well. 

Now we need to add a few details to make your footprint transform into a puppy! Grab a small paintbrush and a different color of paint, that you think will look nice on top of the print color, and draw a collar just below the heel of your print. 


Now, let's add some eyes! Just dip your fingertip into brown or black paint and softly touch the paper to make two fingerprints into two eyes. 


Time for ears! Dip your fingertip into that same color paint and this time when you touch the paper to add the ear, drag your finger down to create an oval shape on each side of your puppy's head.

Now grab your smallest paintbrush and add an upside-down triangle under the eyes for a nose. Then make your mouth by drawing a "J" shape coming down from the center of the nose and a backward "J" on the other side.


To make your puppy look extra cute, grab your smallest brush again and add a small white dot in the middle of each eye. And you can also add a small circle for a name tag on the collar if you'd like.

Lastly, your puppy needs a tail! Use either your finger or a paintbrush and add a cute, happy tail!

You're all done! Great job!

Do you want to make another using your other foot so you have a pair? Go for it!