DIY Toilet Paper Roll Puppy

This adorable puppy craft is perfect for every little artist out there. Have any extra toilet paper rolls lying around? Grab a few and turn them into art! You’ll need only a few supplies for this craft and you probably already have them at home. If you love to paint this craft is for you! Let’s get started. 


  • Toilet Paper Roll (or paper towel rolls cut smaller)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue Bottle 
  • Any Color Paint 
  • Paint Brush
  • Any Color Construction Paper 
  • Black Marker 
  • Pencil  
  • Small Googly Eyes 


  1. If you need to cut a paper towel roll in half go ahead and do that now. Ask an adult for help if you need it.
  2. Now you can pick out your paint color and paint the whole roll. Set it aside to dry for a few minutes. 

  3. While you're waiting for your roll to dry you can get started on your puppy’s ears. Grab your construction paper and your scissors. Fold the construction paper about ⅓ down, hamburger style.

  4. Trace an ear on one side using your pencil. Go ahead and cut along your pencil trace. Once you have it all cut out you can cut the ear in half so you now have 2 ears. 

  5. Take your glue bottle and glue the ears onto the dried roll. Followed by gluing the googly eyes on. 

  6. Using your black marker draw on a nose and mouth. You can also create a nose using your construction paper. 

  7. To make your puppy’s paws, draw to wide upside-down U’s on the bottom of the roll. Inside the upside-down U’s draw on some paw prints. 

  8. If you’d like to add on some special details you can do that now. Draw on some whiskers, eyebrows, or even a collar for your puppy.

  9. You’re all done! You can create so many different toilet paper roll puppies and decorate your house with them. Send us pictures of the art you created. We’d love to see it!