2021 Pet Trends To Look For

2021 Pet Trends To Look For

The Pet Industry is churning out new products every day. While in quarantine during the past year we all leaned on our animals more than ever before for comfort and love. Our cats, dogs, and other animals were our rocks. They gave us a sense of purpose while we sheltered safely at home. I bet you found your pets entertaining, and probably one of the best parts of your days as you bonded with them more than you thought you ever could. Due to being able to work from home, families were rescuing animals and clearing out shelters nationwide.

There's never been a bigger demand for inventive, natural, and sustainable pet products than there is now. The world is changing and the pet industry is too.

Here are some trends to watch for in 2021.

Raw Food Diets


Raw Food diets are becoming increasingly popular for dogs and cats. We are seeing raw meals, treats, and toppers pop up from new and old companies who are hopping on the raw food bandwagon. Raw diets are great for dogs with allergies, weight problems, and can benefit overall health. You can feed your dog partially raw or 100% raw. It's versatile and beneficial in any amount.

There are pet owners who like to spend the time prepping their dog's raw diet by themselves and there are pet owners who take advantage of the help of companies that will do some or all the the work for them. Either way you do it, your dog will benefit from the extra nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins, and love his/her mealtime.

The Pet Gourmet's focus on Raw Food is to help our dog moms and dads give their dog's raw foods without the mess and stress. By offering freeze-dried proteins and dehydrated base mixes we allow you to customize your dog's meal and all you need to add is water. We have a selection of Freeze Dried Proteins including, Chicken Breast, Lamb Liver, Beef Liver, and Salmon. These pair fantastically with our Grain Free and Wheat Free Dehydrated Base Mixes made from fruits and veggies. You can use some of your current kibble, a Freeze-Dried Protein, and one of our Base Mixes to create a wholesome, high-nutrient meal for your dog in a short amount of time.


Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is becoming more and more common these days. And even better, because there is more competition within the industry, we are seeing better options and prices becoming available. Some popular names in the industry are Lemonade, Pumpkin, Pets Best, and Bivvy. When you visit Pet Insurance sites you will see a variety of options for you and your pets. There are a lot of differences between most brands. Most costing between $10-$60/month, you will need to do some investigating and decide on a few things to find the best for you and your dog.

Do you want to pay more monthly for a smaller deductible? While you are looking around on these sites you will see options, just like our health insurance, to opt for a higher monthly cost in order to lower deductibles. What will fit within your budget best and benefit you most? Take your time to really read the details of each plan offered.

Do you want routine care included in your coverage? If you are not worried about visits for vaccines, check ups and preventative care, your monthly insurance cost will likely be more affordable. But if you would like those included in your plan there is sometimes an extra monthly charge.

How much do you want to be paid be from your visits? Depending on which company you choose you will usually see a pay back from 30%-90% of your out of pocket costs be paid back to you. The less expensive plans will of course refund you a lesser amount than the premium plans.

Does your pet have any pre-existing conditions? If they do, they may not be covered under your insurance plan. Make sure you take that into consideration.

Is there a waiting period? Some pet insurance companies do have waiting periods. Make sure you check on this so you aren't surprised or disappointed if you have decided to get insurance and run to the vet right away hoping you'll be covered.

Will you be able to see your favorite Veterinarian? Make sure you check to see if the insurance you choose will let you go to the Vet you want to see. Or if you do not yet have a Vet in mind, are there ones in your area which would be convenient for you?

Natural & Sustainable Pet Products


These days people are really diving into the natural side of things. From Nose & Paw Balms, Shampoos, treats, food and even toys, people are looking for natural alternatives. This is not only a good thing for us and the health of our pets, but it also benefits the earth and eco system. By choosing chemical free products or toys and leashes made from sustainable materials you are lessening your carbon footprint on our precious earth.

The Pet Gourmet makes a natural Nose & Palm Balm featuring Calendula, Manuka Honey, and Coconut Oil. We also have two All Natural Soap Bars, Soothing and Flea & Tick. And if your dog is smelly, hyper, unfocused, or spending time in areas where fleas & ticks are common, we have a natural Essential Oil Spray to help you out with that.

If you're in the market for new dog toys, keep you eyes peels for Hemp and/or Bamboo toys. Both materials are eco friendly and popping up in local pet supplies stores. You may also find toys made of natural biodegradable rubber or recycled materials. All of which will be great choices.


CBD & Natural Pet Health Products


CBD has been blowing up over the past few years in the pet industry. Specifically designed for your pets, CBD can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and even help relieve aliments like arthritis pain. No one wants their pet to be in distress and since health products are popping up everywhere, making it readily available to all pet owners, it is becoming more and more popular.

We are also seeing many products with all natural ingredients that are proven to help stress, anxiety, and arthritis without the sometimes pricey CBD. At The Pet Gourmet, we offer three functional treats, all of which contain natural ingredients with powerful benefits. Passion Flower & Chamomile help to sooth, relax, and calm you pup. You'll find these great ingredients in our Calming Baked Functional Treats. Turmeric, Yucca, and Glucosamine, focus on reducing inflammation and therefore decreasing joint pain, and can be found in our Hip & Joint Baked Functional Treats. And Salmon Oil, which is high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, improves your dog's skin and coat. It joins Kelp and Turmeric to reduce inflammation on irritated, itchy skin and are some of the key ingredients in our Skin & Coat Functional Baked Treats.


It's a beautiful thing to be able to rely on nature to relieve and prevent common ailments for our pets and it's refreshing that the pet industry is coming out with better options for us and out pets.

We wish you a Happy & Happy 2021!





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