Easter Fun for Your Dog (And Kids)!


With Easter just around the corner now is a great time to start planning your annual East egg hunt! The kids have fun every year collecting their eggs so why not include the dog this year? All you need are some extra eggs and your dog's favorite flavor of The Pet Gourmet Jerky! Easter may just be another day for your dog, but we’re here to help switch things up a bit! Because, why not?

Easter Egg Hunt Prep

It is a good idea to keep your dog's eggs separated from the kid's eggs and do the hunts at separate times. This will make sure your dog doesn’t get into any chocolate or jelly beans and the kids don’t get jerky filled eggs. We know they smell delicious but your dog most likely won’t want to share! The great thing about our jerky is that it can be broken up into smaller pieces easily. This means you don’t need to put a whole piece of jerky in the eggs unless you want to of course! Ask your kids to help you stuff the eggs and find spots to hide them! They will love being a part of the game!

Let the Fun Begin!

Once your doggy eggs are filled with the mouth-watering jerky, it’s time to hide them. Unless your dog is great at finding things you might want to go easy on him/her. Try hiding them in one room in easy to reach places. Once you’re ready for the hunt to begin you can let your dog into the room and start the fun! If your dog seems confused at first, try showing them where an egg is and opening it to let them sniff and have a little taste test! That should get them excited to try to find more eggs and treats!

Why Our Jerky?

Our jerky here at The Pet Gourmet contains no artificial colors or flavors. The first ingredient is always our USA protein! Our jerky is grain-free and made in small batches in the USA. Like we said earlier, they can be broken up easily and given whole. Your dog will go crazy for them! Never tried our jerky before? Now is your chance, click on the link below to get your free bag of jerky!