The Benefits of Banana for Dogs

The Benefits of Banana for Dogs

This delicious, yellow fruit is completely safe for your dog to eat and has some great benefits too!

Bananas are best known for being packed full of potassium which is very useful in the body. They also contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, and fiber. Bananas are high in natural sugars and should only be given in small amounts. It makes a great treat for your dog! 

The Benefits


One of the most important minerals for muscle health is potassium. People often recommend eating a banana to help relieve muscle cramps, this works for dogs too! This is because when potassium enters the body it helps muscles move and flex easily as well as provide the body with healthy nerve signals. If your dog is having muscle cramps or pain, some banana might help relieve some of the discomfort. 

Vitamin B6 & C

These vitamins help keep your dog's blood healthy. Unfortunately, dogs cannot make their own vitamin B6, so they have to get it through supplements. This vitamin is needed so your dog's body can make antibodies, which fight off infections. Bananas can add enough vitamin B6 to ensure the blood is healthy and working properly. The vitamin C in this yellow fruit is essential for keeping a healthy and strong immune system. 


Fiber is a great way to relieve any digestion issues or constipation your dog may experience. While fiber can help digestive issues, too much of it can cause bigger problems. Fiber will help maintain regular bowel movements when used sparingly. Always be sure to feed fiber-rich foods in moderation.

Different Ways to Prepare Banana for Your Dog 

There are a few different ways to let your dog enjoy the benefits of bananas: 

Frozen banana 

Try freezing a whole banana before peeling and chopping it into smaller pieces. This is a great option to use when it's hot outside and your dog needs a delicious cool down. 

Mashed banana 

Peel a banana and mash it up with a fork to make mashed banana. Your dog would love this sweet treat added to their food or stuffed into a kong and frozen for double the fun. 

Banana treats 

For a mess-free option, offer your dog treats made with banana. These can be purchased from a pet shop or even homemade in your kitchen! 

Meal Mix

Try giving this meal mix a shot! Just add warm water and your choice of protein. This dehydrated mix comes with dried bananas that your dog will love the taste of and appreciate the benefits that banana has to offer.

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