Benefits of Protein Rotation for Your Dog

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Eating the same food every day can not only be boring for your dog but may also negatively impact their health. Throughout history, dogs have had rotating diets. A rotating protein diet mimics the diet of ancestral dogs that constantly had to hunt or find their food. 

There are several health benefits to rotating your dog's protein. Here are just a few:

  1. Lower risk of developing allergies
    Over time, your dog may become allergic to specific foods if they are continuously fed the same diet (Gilroy Dispatch). Rotating food, especially protein, in your pet's diet can lower the chance of them developing allergies over time. 
  2. Introduces more minerals and vitamins to their diet
    Each different type of protein also contains different amino acids and nutrients that can benefit your dog as well. 
  3. Keeps mealtime exciting
    Keeping your dog excited at mealtime is important. Dogs that are excited to eat are more energized at mealtime which may help improve digestion.
If you're considering putting your dog on a rotating protein diet, The Pet Gourmet makes it easy. Feed your dog our base mix blends on a daily basis and switch out their protein regularly. You can purchase meat at the grocery store to feed your dog raw or cooked, or you can purchase our freeze-dried proteins to make it even easier to serve your dog the gourmet diet they deserve.

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