The Benefits of Rotating Your Dog's Food

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The Benefits Rotating Your Dog’s Food Can Have on Their Health

Feeding your dog a rotational diet gives many immediate benefits, as well as long term benefits. Rotation feeding switches up the protein and form of food you’re feeding. This could be switching from chicken to fish, and wet food to dry food. Rotating your dog's food will give them new flavors and textures to try. 


As to be expected, different ingredients provide different nutrients. When you rotate your dog's food, you’re changing up all the beneficial nutrients that keep them healthy. Different formulas contain different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. This helps your dog keep a well-rounded diet and good overall health. Each formula will be able to supply your dog with essential nutrients that the last did not. 


As humans, we have the ability to go to the store and buy whatever our taste buds tell us. We eat different meals every night and get easily bored with certain foods. We never really think that dogs can get bored just like us, but they can! When partaking in rotation feeding, your dog will experience different flavors and textures. This can help to keep them interested in the food you are feeding them. 


As pet owners, we do our research and choose a food that we believe is the best option. We stand by that brand and rave about how great it is. However, sticking with one food can actually cause some issues. Keeping your dog on the same protein for a long time will eventually lead to allergies. This is most commonly seen in itchy, dry skin. Rotating food prevents this because the ingredients aren’t in the body long enough to develop an allergy. 

How To Rotate Food 

Transition is the keyword here for rotation feeding. When first starting out, it’s important to smoothly transition your dog from one food to another. This means adding small amounts of the new food while slowly taking out the other. Transitioning will prevent an upset stomach and diarrhea. 

Rotating food should be based completely on your dog and what he can handle. A good rule to follow is alternating bags. Before running out of your bag of food, start transitioning into the next. This gives your dog a good amount of time for each food rotation. Always talk to your vet first, as they will be able to provide you with the best information and advice.

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