The Benefits of Green Beans for Dogs


Are Green Beans Safe for Dogs? 

Green beans are a popular veggie that many dog owners enjoy. You may be wondering if your dog can enjoy this green veggie as well. We're happy to tell you that the answer is yes! Green beans are a great healthy alternative to dog treats. In fact, your veterinarian may even recommend this veggie as a treat for your dog. They are full of vitamins, minerals, and are a low-calorie snack. This also makes them great for overweight dogs. 


All forms of green beans are safe for dogs. This includes: steamed, raw, chopped, and even canned. As long as the green beans are fresh or frozen and plain they are 100% safe and healthy for your dog. Most dogs actually love green beans! There are a few ingredients you need to look out for when giving your dog this alternative treat:

  • Canned green beans with added salt
  • Oils or spices 
  • Cooked with garlic or onions which are toxic for dogs
  • Large pieces that may be too big for your dog to eat or chew

As long as you remember that plain green beans are better, there is no reason your dog shouldn't be able to enjoy a healthy snack!


Green beans are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. These include iron, calcium, vitamin B6, C, K, and A. They will even supply your dog with a healthy dose of fiber. The iron will promote healthy production of red blood cells and the calcium must be absorbed from your dog's diet. They cannot create calcium within their bodies, once absorbed it will strengthen and improve their bone health.

 Vitamin B6 is needed for your dog to grow and overall a healthy life. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that will protect your dog's body from free radical damage. Vitamin K is needed in order for blood to clot in the unfortunate circumstance that your dog needs that ability. Finally, vitamin A is needed for healthy function inside and out. It benefits the skin, nerves, and muscles. 


Green beans are great to substitute in place of sometimes unhealthy dog treats. They can even be added to your dog's food for a tasty topper. By replacing dog treats with green beans can help your dog lose weight if needed. Of course, this is if your dog is getting plenty of exercise and you are watching his/her diet. Try giving your dog a plain green bean next time you're preparing them for dinner and see how much he/she loves it!

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