How To Keep Your Dog Calm This Summer

Calming Aid

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks? Does the sound of them send your dog into full panic mode? With warm weather and summer already here, we have some tips for you to help your dog be as comfortable as possible! 


Many dogs suffer from anxiety due to loud noises. This could be thunderstorms, fireworks, or a large gathering in your home. No one really knows why dogs develop anxiety related to loud noises. It could be from a bad experience or just a fear your dog naturally developed. With that being said it is important to recognize your dog's anxiety and try your best to make them comfortable. If you think your dog may be afraid of loud noises, look out for these signs: 

  • Heavy Panting 
  • Shaking
  • Trying To Hide 
  • Consistent Crying 

How To Help 

When looking for a remedy to help your dog's anxiety there might be some trial and error. What helps one dog might not help the other, so it's a good idea to try a few different methods out to find which works best.

Get a Pet Sitter or Stay Home

Dogs that have a fear of loud noises may also have a fear of being left alone during these events. This is what normally causes major anxiety. If you are home you can try and comfort them but if they are alone, they might experience separation anxiety and anxiety from the loud noise. If you know it is going to thunderstorm try setting up a pet sitter to be home with your dog during the storm. If your work is pet friendly bring them to work with you for the day. For some dogs, this is all it takes to make them feel better. 

Essential Oil Calming Sprays

Some dogs need a little aromatherapy session to help calm their nerves. Lavender essential oil is highly recommended for anxiety and nerves. Lavender sends signals to the brain and promotes a calming effect for your dog. Our Calming Aid Essential Oil Spray can be applied directly to your dog's chest and ears or sprayed onto his/her bed or collar. This calming spray can be used during fireworks, thunderstorms, car rides, and any other stress-inducing events. 

Naturally Calming Treats

Maybe your dog just gets a little uncomfortable when he/she hears loud noises. Our Calming Health Support treats are the perfect option for dogs who enjoy a tasty remedy. Made with all-natural chamomile and passionflower, our treats will help your dog to feel calm and relaxed. The carefully selected ingredients will reduce anxiety symptoms, work as a sleep aid, and elevate any mood. 


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