Chondroitin for Canine Hip & Joint Health


What you should know about Chondroitin

If you have a dog with arthritis or any other condition that causes pain in the hip and joints, you’ve probably heard of chondroitin. This major glycosaminoglycan found in animal cartilage is a popular treatment for joint pain. Chondroitin comes in the form of supplements as well as an ingredient in food and treats.

How It Works

When chondroitin enters the body it works to promote healthy water retention within the cartilage, as well as elasticity. Chondroitin gives cartilage the ability to absorb shock better and nourish the joint tissue more efficiently. While reducing pain and improving mobility, your dog will begin to strengthen his/her joints and will enjoy more time exercising. 

There has been a lot of research done on the effects of chondroitin on dogs. Researchers have determined that giving your dog chondroitin supplements is completely safe. In fact, the risk of negative side effects is very low, if any at all. It is one of the most commonly used nutraceuticals (a substance, which has physiological benefits or provides protection against chronic disease) recommended for hip and joint pain in dogs. Chondroitin is also commonly used to treat horses and cats. 

Where Does It Come From? 

If you search for chondroitin, you will find 2 different types being sold commercially. Cartilage from animals is the only chondroitin safe for dietary supplements. The first type is bovine cartilage, this is cartilage from cows. Bovine cartilage is the most used form of chondroitin. The second type is shark cartilage, this type is not as common but you might find some in your searches for supplements. Shark cartilage does not have any type of advantage over bovine cartilage so it is not recommended. This is because using shark cartilage threatens all marine ecosystems. If you have the option to choose between the 2, go for the bovine cartilage. 

How to Incorporate it into Your Dog’s Diet

We’ve got this part covered for you! Our *New Functional Hip & Joint treats are a tasty and easy way to give your dog this beneficial ingredient. They also contain glucosamine which when paired with chondroitin work seamlessly together to fight joint pain. Find these treats here! 

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